There is Still Good in this World

A man is playing a good piano on the street.

Dear friends and clients/one in the same.

I was going to send something out this month in reference to how we can do better as a nation, and how this has really been a time of great stress for everybody. No sense in naming all the stress related events, everybody knows them. But amazing things are happening all around us and it’s rare that they are ever published or talked about enough. And certainly not where we can actually see them.

What happens in this video is true America – people who care about each other, people who want to excel, people who want to take care of their families and their friends and give heartily to society. I hope this story touches your heart’s and your minds. It really is the essence of this great country.

When people ask me about C-19, I always tell them that I am really looking forward to when we will all feel good about saying hi to each other. About Shaking hands. About Hugging each other, and not being afraid of so many things. Fear is crippling, and it keeps us from being who we really are. Especially in this country!

Enjoy the video. It’s all about America!

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