Change Your Habits, Change You Life

A clock with a spiral pattern on it that represents change in life habits.

I thought this article, by certainly one of my favorite philosophers, is very timely for what we’re going through right now. For a lot of us the gigantic threat of Covid is ending or near its end. I have no desire to discuss whether it is or isn’t. For some of us it is, and for some of us it is not. Everyone needs to live their life according to their hopes and hopefully not their fears. As we have seen, fear is absolutely crippling. So, with that in mind it’s time to get back on the saddle. Some of you I know, have stayed on the saddle the whole time and I salute you for that. For others, it’s time!

One of the subjects that I am truly fanatical about is time management, or what I call “spending your time.” So what’s the difference? The difference is the word spending. So many people and so many presentations have been made on time management. But, I believe this one drives it home with a great sense of urgency. You can spend money and energy and tremendous amounts of time thinking of many other ways to spend our days. But, let me remind you that the only thing we can’t re-create is time. It keeps ticking, ticking, ticking and ticking. As you well know, if we could hear the sound of each second going by, it would drive us all insane. So, let’s not do that. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution that we will start spending our time wisely and with the knowledge that it is never coming back.

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As it says in the article, you must decide what you want out of life. Where should you spend your energy and what should you focus on? Create habits – difficult to do but certainly attainable. Initiate new methods of holding yourself accountable on how you want to spend your time. Sometimes you may even have to get selfish because people and things drive us to donate/give our time to other people’s efforts. You should do that only if you want to and never with guilt. Don’t ever let anyone guilt you out of your time.

One of the most difficult comments I’ve ever heard but yet spot on is: “all of us have a number on our back and we have no idea what it is.” We have no idea when that will show up – where it will show up – how it will show up. But rest assured all of us have that number and, God willing, it’s a big one. So, with that in mind, how about prioritizing what you want out of each day, and what you want to spend of your time and energy to that effort.

May I suggest this idea (straight out of my time management course “Spending Your Time”). It helps me focus every day. I’ve been doing this for well over three decades, and I will tell you that I would be a true scattergram if I did not have this discipline in my life.

Every morning take out a 3 x 5 card and write down the top three things you need to get done that day. Please focus on the word need. Execute on number one then number two and then number three. You possibly won’t get them all done but at least they’ll be organized and prioritized. Please be sure you prioritize what’s important to you and not necessarily what’s important to others around you. I could go on and on, but you’d stop reading this. So, check the article out.

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