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Pete has worked throughout America & extensively worldwide: Canada/Stockholm/London/Barcelona/Madrid/Prague/Czech Republic
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Don’t Forget Who You Are

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve shared my thoughts about a recent article. As usual they seem to always come from Harvey Mackay’s ...
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A person's eye, filled with fear, peeking out of a keyhole.

Refuse to Give in to Fear

In my lifetime, I have been fearful of many things: This article is all about overcoming fear. It is about having the courage to see ...
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A man standing on a dock with an umbrella bids farewell.

Say Farewell to Sunk Costs

I found this to be a very thought-provoking article from the EPOCH Times newspaper. As someone who has changed careers 12 times in 37 years (construction, Xerox ...
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A clock with a spiral pattern on it that represents change in life habits.

Change Your Habits, Change You Life

I thought this article, by certainly one of my favorite philosophers, is very timely for what we’re going through right now. For a lot of us ...
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Sunbeams warmly illuminate a body of water with majestic mountains in the background, filling the onlooker's heart with gratitude for this breathtaking display at this specific latitude.

Changes in Gratitude and Latitude

I truly believe this is an article that we should read, easily once a month, if not more frequently. We all have a lot to be thankful ...
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A man is playing a good piano on the street.

There is Still Good in this World

Dear friends and clients/one in the same. I was going to send something out this month in reference to how we can do better as ...
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