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Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes QLE (Question, Listen, Expand) Modules 1 through 4.


QLE (Question, Listen, Expand) - Module 1

Module 1 emphasizes the value of attentive listening, note-taking for understanding, avoiding interruptions, and fostering empathy and meaningful connections.


QLE (Question, Listen, Expand) - Module 2

Module 2 explores bringing an inquisitive approach to meetings by emphasizing effective questioning techniques, covering all four key stages of questioning, detailing time allocation for each stage, utilizing nuanced language in framing questions, and further developing listening skills.


QLE (Question, Listen, Expand) - Module 3

Module 3 focuses on understanding your audience, highlighting the significance of aligning with leadership, addressing client needs, maintaining clarity in communication, note-taking, and the process of clarifying, expanding support, and creating connections.


QLE (Question, Listen, Expand) - Module 4

In this concluding module, we’ll explore extending the problem by connecting it to other issues mentioned by the client, focusing on discovering and expanding upon the consequences of their problems to arrive at a comprehensive solution. 


Presentation Skills

Includes Presentation Skills

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I have known Pete Bolton for the better part of 20+ years and had the pleasure of serving with Pete on the board of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) from 2004 through 2008. I also had the pleasure of serving with Pete in a liaison capacity with Luke Air Force base and the business community. We both served as honorary commanders of Luke during that 2004 time period.

As a capital markets broker at Cushman & Wakefield, I have seen Pete in action first hand. Pete’s enthusiasm is infectious and he has an uncanny ability to motivate. He is gifted at de-constructing pitch presentations to ensure that brokers are hitting the key selling points and that the pitch is directed at the customer/client solution versus the individual broker or brokerage team’s resume.

Having dealt firsthand with adversity, Pete is uniquely qualified to coach how to achieve superior outcomes in business and more importantly, how to turn lemons into lemonade in life.
Christopher E. Toci, Executive Managing Director | Capital Markets
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