Don’t Forget Who You Are

Don't forget a man standing on top of a mountain with his arms raised in the air.

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve shared my thoughts about a recent article. As usual they seem to always come from Harvey Mackay’s publications, which I find this one to be spot on and timely.

The analogy of the elephant is incredibly accurate, especially the part about being reminded “who he IS/was.” Sometimes in the challenges of our days, our years and our growth, we forget who we are. I would like to emphasize, it’s not who we were, it’s who we ARE! We are all strong. We are all capable. We all have different talents, convictions and strengths. Have you ever sat down and put all of those together and come up with a breakdown of what you are??? I’m not talking about negative input. I’m not talking about what you were. The assessment has to come from your gut and constantly remind you “who you are.”

Life has a way of grinding us down, sometimes lifting us up, but there always seems to be more grinding than lifting. Our challenge then is to always refuse to be ground down by anything or anybody! Can it be temporary, well of course it can! But, you’ve got to believe in yourself and who you are and the gifts you were born with, no matter how tough the criticism may be.

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We have all seen people with unbelievable challenges in front of them. Sometimes born with them or they acquired them through life. The ones that give up are very obvious. The ones who do rise to the top – we admire their recovery and their impact on family, friends and the world.

Please, don’t ever let anyone grind you down – on a permanent or temporary basis – ever! They are cancer and they need to be eliminated from our lives. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do, but take those in stride. Realize why you made them, but then look in the mirror and realize what/who you are.

So, as the article says, don’t forget who you are!

If you’re not happy with who you are, go back to your roots. Go back to the bottom of your heart and your soul and realize who you really are and it will be a beautiful place to live.

Good luck, good life!

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